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* This is the best thing I have read all day: the author who wrote the first several Vampire Diaries books on a work for hire contract under the name LJ Smith and who was then fired because the company who hired her didn't like the direction she was taking the series, is now publishing her additional rejected books under the Kindle Worlds "authorized fanfiction" license. GO HER, say I.

* This morning just before I woke up, I dreamed that I had discovered a Jensen Ackles paper doll set, except the clothes weren’t proper paper clothes - they were like sticker decals, and about three inches high. I explained them to my friend: “Here’s Jensen in a tux, here’s Jensen after Danneel dresses him [this was the description that came with the outfit], ooh look, here’s Jensen with tentacles!” The tentacles were orange, btw.

* I have 850 words of [ profile] femslash_minis fic. I am hoping to finish that by the end of the weekend, so that I can spend next week on Porn Battle prompts and then start on my [ profile] beyondpanels assignment as soon as I get it, circa Feb 4. And hopefully more Jared/Gen will happen in there, when I get bored with whatever else I am doing. That is the Plan, anyway.

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Dec. 8th, 2013 07:47 am
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Last night I read the second trade of Humphries Uncanny X-Force, which has the Psylocke/Fantomexes backstory (also all the revenant stuff). More thoughts later, but for now I will say, wow, that could have been so much more awesome. :(

Anyway, point being that I had Psylocke/Fantomex on the brain when I went to bed, which resulted in me dreaming a fairly epic Buffy/Fantomex dream this morning. It was post-Chosen, Spike was still presumed dead, Buffy has a brief grievy fling with the French dude with the swirly coat (she has a thing for them now), but when like six months later Fantomex waltzes into her life again, she is not pleased to see him.

I am not going to write this, because there are approximately two people on the entire planet that would read it. But drat, it could be so good.
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I just dreamed saw the most amazing episode of SPN that you will never see. (Well, maybe. The variety and breadth of SPN episodes we will never see is vast. Go with me, here!)

It... doesn't make a lot of sense now that I'm awake. It was a road trip ep, and possibly an homage to 70s TV, or maybe Hollywood. There were cameos/impersonations by a bunch of celebrities, past and present; KStew for one, and then a lot of people that I had the impression I should have recognized for the 70s and didn't. Also some trolly cameos from our own show - JDM guests as John but doesn't even have any lines. THEY WERE JUST MESSING WITH US.

Then Lauren Cohan as Bela gets a whole scene in which the boys and/or the writers forget that she's a) dead, and b) not usually that friendly with us. I decided at that point that it must be a dream episode - as opposed to, you know, deciding that I was dreaming. Also the entire time Bela was on screen I spent going, "YAY, [ profile] gryfndor_godess will have new gifs to reblog!"

And it finished up with the boys arriving at a soundstage, where Crowley/Mark Sheppared was director and Jared turned out to be part of the technical crew, so he was wandering around in a t-shirt being all technically competent. (It was hot.)

It was the most meta, trolly piece of TV ever, and I have no idea what it was being meta about, but it was amazing, I promise. You shoulda been there.
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There haven't been nearly enough cursed objects on the show. All I can think of are the rabbit's foot (and a bunch of items that had ghosts attached to them, but I don't really count those).

This brought to you by a long and creepy dream I had about a cursed manuscript that was quite good at avoiding attempts to destroy it or even get away from it. Other than the immediate application of gasoline and flame, which is not advisable in all circumstances, what would you do with that kind of persistence? (Hint: what you don't do is read the entire thing - or worse yet, try to copy it, because that will kill your copier - and then write your thesis on it. No.)
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BRAIN: Here, I shall helpfully choreograph Downton Abbey threesome make-out scenes in your dreams.
ME: Um, thanks?

It was Mary/Matthew/Lavinia, of course.

Also I just finished 3.03. (Very light spoilers.) )
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Dreamed last night that I woke up and the word had just come out: SPN had been canceled. Per the dream, they were only planning to air through 8.05, and then, show over. We would never find out what long-term character arcs they were planning for this season! There would be no more Sam+Dean (or Jared+Jensen) on my screen!

It was horrible.
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The other night I dreamed I was watching an episode of BtVS, which I was convinced was the fourth episode of S4 but in retrospect was clearly not "Fear, Itself." For one thing, it involved Jonathan being part of a pseudo-military brigade and attempting to charge a demon single-handed. Also, Buffy was busy being traumatized by something or other and Spike was comforting her - not exactly S4 behavior.

So I'm sitting on a sofa in a house watching this episode, and I turn to James Marsters who is sitting down the sofa from me (and who still has Spike-hair) and I say, "You know, I just realized that I'm watching this with you." And he agrees, somewhat humored, that yes, I am. And we continue to watch the episode very companionably.


Meanwhile, in the West Wing universe, my dreaming self has decided that Sam Seaborn eats his popsicles by leaving them out in bowls until they're mushy and almost completely melted. Which, now that I'm awake, does not seem an entirely unlikely quirk for him to have.


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