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Apparently this was the weekend for people writing me things. Because [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni wrote me The Shady Side of the Hill, which is Wes/Illyria mpreg with just the right mixture of confusion and irony and humor. And then she wrote kidfic to follow!

Meanwhile, [personal profile] verity wrote The Sound of Her, which first of all is Faith wingfic, lovely and atmospheric, and second has Catholic!Faith, which I was begging her to write. And lo! it is also fabulous, and y'all should read.

It's worth nothing that both of these ideas grew out of prompts from the crackficathon, for which fics (or art!) are still happily accepted. There are still some nifty prompts over there. The masterlist of finished works is here.
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I cannot remember the last time I watched a show with so small a main cast. Everything I've watched within the last few years or so has involved an ensemble cast, and even if there was only a handful of principals - on Veronica Mars, say, or Bones - there were many more supporting and recurring characters. I mean, here are my main shows of the last five years: BtVS, Ats, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, The West Wing, House, Avatar: the Last Airbender. Huge casts!

And now I'm down to three characters I've ever seen more than once (well, plus their mom, I guess). It feels a tad claustrophobic.

I also haven't spent this much time thinking about guy-guy relationships in a really long time. Or possibly ever. Certainly not with BtVS; there aren't any guys with anything like the depth of relationship the Winchesters have. So that's kind of a new/weird mental space to be in.

(It actually quite bothers me how few same-sex friendships we see in the Buffyverse. We have Buffy-Willow, Andrew-Jonathan [which y'all have assured me is totally platonic!], Dawn-Tara, Dawn-Janice, and Dawn-Buffy if we're counting siblings. It's not like there aren't plenty of girls around for pretty much the whole show, but so few of them are friends. Feh.)

Anyway. On to the ep notes, which got long and end up talking about, among other things, religious faith (in fairly generic terms); if that sort of thing gives you hives, well, be ye forewarned.

In which we discover the writing staff reads Neil Gaiman )

Overall, this was by far the best disk so far; all four of these eps were head and shoulders above anything else that came before (except possibly "Skin," which also pretty solid). Interesting spooks (except for the poltergeist in "Home," but that ep had enough other stuff going on that I didn't mind too much) and good character stuff for both individuals and relationships. Good work team.
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In which I am predictable, and other occurrences.

cut for any flisters who haven't seen BSG yet either )

Last, non-spoilery thing: One of the elements of this show that most intrigues me is that its universe is apparently not operating on a purely naturalistic basis. Laura Roslin appears to be having actual, accurate visions, as predicted by prophetic scripture. This is totally counter to basically all SF I have ever encountered; generally, naturalism is one of SF's founding premises and one of its key differences from fantasy. Fantasy has gods and magic; SF has ascended beings and far-future technology. Fantasy has prophecy, and SF has precognition. The difference is often not in the furniture, precisely, but in the attitudes towards it: however supernatural something is, in SF, there is always a rational explanation buried back there somewhere. This difference in treatment is why Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun is considered SF despite swordplay and giants and legends, and it's why the eventual discovery of spaceships on McCaffrey's Pern is so jarring. The fact that BSG is apparently defying this convention is very interesting indeed; I very much look forward to seeing where they go with it.
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In a comment to the last post, someone asked me for links to the Buffyverse/faith pieces I'd encountered, and I thought they might be of general interest:

Angel in Church, by [ profile] hello_spikey - post-Grave, Angel takes Spike to church for the good of his soul.
Ingression, by his_luv_pet - mid-S6, Spike decides Buffy and Dawn's lives need divine intervention, even if Spike himself doesn't believe in it.
Ministers of Grace, by [ profile] penny_lane_42 - Drusilla, before. Remember, she didn't want to be an evil thing...
Contrite Spirits, by [ profile] liz_marcs - Post-series, Xander and Faith go looking for a nun who's now a Slayer, and also they talk a lot. (Sorry, it's been a while since I read this one.)
How to Be a Christian in Sunnydale, by Shadowscast - Riley's faith wavers, part I
Stumbling on the Fields of Praise, by [ profile] dipenates - Riley's faith wavers, part II.


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