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I got bored today and also curious, and I sorted the Buffy tag on AO3 by kudos and made a list of the top ten fics that weren't crossovers. It was the not-crossover part that took work; since Buffy is an old fandom and getting quieter all the time, straight Buffy fics don't get nearly the kudos that MCU or whatever crossovers do.

Anyway, here were my results. "In chapters" means the fic was posted to AO3 in chapters, which generally increases exposure and kudos count. "One-shot" means it was posted all at once (regardless of length). "Backdated" means it was manually given a date earlier than posting, ie, six years before the archive opened.

1. If I Knew Then… by daughtershade – Spike/Xander, 48k (in chapters)
2. Small and scaly by devo79 – Spike/Xander, 27k
3. Just a Counterfeit James Dean by impertinence – Faith/Buffy post-series, 57k (one-shot)
4. Loserville by shrift – Spike/Xander, 16k (backdated one-shot)
5. Piece of Cake by spuffy_luvr – Spke/Buffy all-human AU, 99k (in chapters)
6. Wish You Were Here (Instead of Me) by CristinaK – Buffy+Willow+ensemble gen, 4k (one-shot)
7. Vampire's Kiss by flitterfluttyfly – Spike/Xander urban fantasy AU, 7k (one-shot)
8. Twisting the Harvest by akasakasan – Angel/Xander canon divergence AU, 27k (in chapters)
9. Away from the Numbers by EntreNous – Spike/Xander PWP, 15k (in chapters)
10. Sweet William by LittleMouse – Angel/Spike canon divergence AU, 31k (in chapters)

One of the things about AO3 is that it's very slash-heavy, so it makes sense that Spike/Xander has such a good showing here. I don't know how its actual activity compares to activity for, say, Spike/Buffy, but I feel comfortable saying that Spike/Xander was not five times as popular as Spike/Buffy.

I also am just not interested in hardly any of this. I spent the longest time thinking slash just didn't appeal to me, until I moved on to a new fandom and realized that no, what hadn't appealed to me were Angel and Xander, and there wasn't much slash to be had that didn't include at least one of them! And all-human AUs have always had zero appeal for me.

I think I tried the Faith/Buffy fic a while back but got thrown off by the Faith internal narration; it turns out what I really want for Faith/Buffy fic is Buffy POV. I feel like I already know Faith inside and out, but Buffy has always been more opaque to me.

The gen ensemble fic looks interesting, though, and was posted in 2014. I am very curious to know how a gen one-shot in a dying fandom got that many kudos, so I have that one open in a tab.

Observations? Thoughts?


Jan. 3rd, 2015 11:27 am
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The problem is that I love pining with a deep and unhealthy love, but I need the pining to make sense. These people need actual real reasons for not just speaking up. It's a major reason I love Fastening One Heart to Every Falling Thing SO much - because the worldbuilding is such that Geno's been told his whole life that he can't bond or have a real relationship, so of course he wouldn't think he could ever have Sid.

Choosing not to communicate to each other, OTOH, is NOT an actual real reason. There's a line between believably characterized reticence and plot-motivated self-sabotage, and most pining fic falls on the wrong side. WOE IS ME.
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This was the year of ALL THE FANDOMS and ALL THE EXCHANGES. I didn’t so much mind hopping and skipping around fandoms, but my first and foremost goal for next year is FEWER EXCHANGES.

Anyway, as a result of those two things, my writing has been kind of fragmented. I ended up posting 75k words in finished fic, which is down just a tidge from last year and included several exchange fics I was really happy with. I ended up writing 21 fics - 4 hockey, 4 SPN, 3 Buffyverse, 3 Marvel comics, 2 Saga, 1 SPN RPF, 1 MCU, 1 Downton Abbey, and 1 Decoys (movie).

In addition, I wrote somewhere between 30 and 40k this year on various other fic projects that have not yet seen the light of day, which is a little frustrating. One of my goals for the new year will definitely be to get some of those finished up and out into the world.

Below the cut I go into a LOT more detail, because these retrospective things are better than cake.

my year in fic, in much greater detail, with a meme )

other fannish things )
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Someone - [personal profile] lettered? - asked me a while back how I distinguished between soul mates and soulbonding as tropes, and lacking the wherewithal to address any of the talking meme questions anyone has actually asked me, I'm going instead expand on my answer to this one.

First, definitions: by soul mates I mean people who are destined to be together - your one perfect match, the person at the other end of your red thread, the person whose name is a magic tattoo on your wrist - written in their handwriting, even! A soul bond, OTOH, to me means something formed between you and another person that connects you somehow metaphysically in a way that affects you mentally, emotionally, and/or physically.

As suggested above, the soul mates trope presents in all sorts of different ways. There's the wristname tropes, the red thread trope, I think in one fandom there's something about having matching beauty marks? (MLP:FiM? Possibly I'm confusing soul marks with cutie marks.) Or just the warm happy glow in your chest that appears when you first meet your match and never fades.

Regardless, the sense of destiny hangs over everything, which right off makes the trope less appealing to me, especially if that destiny specifies that your soul mate is your perfect fit and the person you will be happiest with and if the narrative supports that interpretation. How boring! And in fact in most of the wristname fic I've read in hockey fandom, the conflict centers on people finding their soul mates in the first place, because what conflict could you possibly have with someone who is the most perfect person on earth for you to be with?

Actually, I think there's still a lot of potential there for conflict; see Emma Caulfield's quirky, unsettling movie TiMER, about a world in which you can have a device implanted that tells you the amount of time you have left until you meet your soul mate. What if you meet them when you're still a teenager? What if you won't meet them for forty years - what do you do in the meantime? What if you find someone you'd rather have than some unknown, however soul-mate-y? But fic generally seems less interesting in asking those questions.

(Also, this video, purportedly about Finnish people meeting for the first time, is clearly actually about Finnish people meeting their soul mates for the first time. See the slow opening of the eyes! The nervous smiles, the awkward introductions!)

In addition, the worldbuilding that goes with some of these particular expressions is just wonky. I've been reading a lot of wristname fic recently, so, who is it that decides whose name goes on whose wrist? Are you telling me that's somehow a natural process? Unless you do some work building a world in which wristnames are a natural expression of this, that, and the other magical fact, I pretty much have to conclude there's a deity putting their hand in, and I can't say I care much for that either. And what about the hundreds of millions of people in history who were illiterate - did they just have an X on their wrist? The basic premise drives me batty. And then even once we accept it, the world that results from the premise rarely makes any sense. Why isn't there some database somewhere, in this world of digitization, that keeps track of everyone's wristnames and helps match them up? Is it because there is a massive cultural accretion of taboos and mores that prevent it? What would those be? Fic rarely answers these questions for me.

That said, I've read some wristname fic that does do some neat cultural stuff that I've liked. There's a really excellent WIP on the kinkmeme where wristnames are rare and finding your other half is rarer, and there are hints at some of the expectations and conflicts that arise from those facts, and [ profile] sherlockelly's Benn/Seguin fic does some exploration of how wristnames might work in general, especially in a world that still has a lot of homophobia.

On the whole, though, soul bonding is much more up my alley, because it's basically forced intimacy cranked to 11, with all the potential conflict that implies. While you might for a soul bond with your soul mate in some universes, in most fics I've read soul bonding can happen between lots of people. Sometimes there's an element of compatibility, but other times it's just a matter of them doing the right (or wrong) things at the right (or wrong) time. Accidental soul bonding is a special favorite of mine, as you might guess. Maybe they don't like each other! Maybe they don't even know each other! Maybe soul bonding right now is just really inconvenient. But like it or not, now this unfortunate pair has no choice but to feel each other's feelings, read each other's thoughts, and/or spend time in each other's space, depending on the rules of the world.

In fact, take away the mindreading and maybe the empathic component, and soul bonding is just regular old biology-based bonding or mating, like a person might find in a/b/o or werewolf fic. I have an a/b/o fic that I've been working on for a while that I figured out pretty fast is actually basically my soul bonding fic, even if souls don't really come into it as such. There's still the forced proximity because of physically needing to be around each other a lot, the affecting each other's moods, and, bonus, the occasional need to have sex with each other.

Again, there are a bunch of ways to expand on this that I haven't seen very much yet, but I have seen fic where hockey players bond voluntarily to improve team chemistry, or where a person is expected to have both platonic bonds and a romantic bond. I've heard tell of poly bonding, although I don't know if I've read it yet. And I would be deeply remiss if I didn't mention Fastening One Heart to Every Falling Thing, by [ profile] thefourthvine, the story of Geno who can't bond and Sidney who really doesn't want to, and which is single-handedly responsible for me being in hockey fandom.

So: soul bonds. Soul mates. Can work quite differently, depending on context! Which do you prefer? Recs?


Dec. 3rd, 2014 07:21 pm
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Between new acquaintances and the December talking meme, the first page of my DW flist has forty entries just in the last two days. The first page of my LJ flist has forty entries in the last three days. For the first time in ages, I feel like I can do fandom via blogging platforms rather than having to go to Tumblr (ugh) or anon memes (which I am fond of, but which I'd rather not have as my sole fandom interaction).

This is amazing.
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I wonder what makes the difference between fic I want and write, and fic I want but don't know how (or precisely what) to write.

Like, I came into a/b/o wanting lots of fic with ladies, and lo, I have written MUCH A/B/O WITH LADIES. Similarly, although I haven't written any Guardians of the Galaxy fic, but I do have very specific ideas of what I want, and I may well end up writing it at some point.

OTOH, I really want fic for Marc-Andre Fleury, and I have no idea what I want. I don't have any hardcore ship feelings, and I don't really want kink, I just want... more Flower? IDK. Similarly, I desperately want tons of fic with Betsy and Fantomex related to Uncanny X-Force, but I don't know what. See also: Kevin Tran.

What about you guys? Have you noticed any patterns between things you want and can or can't write?
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* an arranged marriage fic
* a circus AU
* a soulbonding fic (along the lines of something in this post)

I don't have ideas for any of those things right now, and I don't know what fandom they'd go in. But SOMEDAY. (Possibly the solution would be to combine them and write a fic with all three.)

Icon not particularly suited to this post, but used because it amuses me.
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And now, to complement the self-reccing meme, a meme for reccing things made by other people! As always, full customizable.

Day 1: something old
Day 2: something new
Day 3: something for your fav character/pairing
Day 4: something for a character you don't like / pairing you don't ship
Day 5: something that's underappreciated by the universe
Day 6: something that's a gateway drug
Day 7: something you reread/rewatch/look at again

I'll start tomorrow, I think.
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Soooo, the CBR forums, widely known as a dudebro cesspit wherein comics are sometimes discussed, have just been rebooted after years of accumulated posts. Per the article linked, this was prompted largely by the vitriolic response on the forums to someone critiquing a comics cover a couple of weeks ago. Specifically, a woman critiquing a comics cover. It's been the latest talking point in the sexism-in-comics discussion, and I am well pleased to see the CBR site use it as a motivator to overhaul the way their forums do business.


But years and years of accumulated posts! Some of those threads were into the thousands of posts over the course of as much as ten years. And those posts are going to be, apparently, completely unavailable starting two weeks from now. So I am torn between \o/ and DDD:
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Under [ profile] ghostyouknow27's influence, I have recently made a series of terrible decisions involving staying up until midnight on school nights reading hockey RPF. HOCKEY RPF. Which is full of TROPES, which we all know are like candy.

I have two choices of pairings: the two fratboy dudebros who can't feelings, or the huge adorable sweetheart Russian with broken English and the super driven team captain who REALLY can't feelings. Possibly from these descriptions you can guess which is my favorite. Fortunately and completely inexplicably, this is the less popular pairing, so hopefully I will run out of decent fic within a week or so.

It is all Ghost's fault.
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* I was told that there was a women's hockey fandom, and I went, "OH? I would learn about hockey for a women's hockey fandom!" But no. There are 55 f/f fics on AO3, and more than 2/3 of them either are genderswap or have the f/f as a background pairing. AND there seems to be none of the glorious tropey stuff that men's hockey fic is full of. This is no good at all.

* It finally occurred to me to look under the general Marvel (Comics) tag on AO3, just to see what was there, and there's actually a fair bit of stuff! A lot of what I expected, Steve/Tony and Billy/lots of people, but also random things like "Natasha watches Olympic curling" and Laura+Daken sibling feels. So I'm going to keep an eye on that and maybe go through the whole tag sometime.

* Relatedly, I am bemused by how many fics are marked only with "Marvel Cinematic Universe," maybe with "Captain America (Movies)" for flavor, and yet are clearly based entirely on comics canon. Natasha/Bucky is especially where I'm noticing this.

* Don't ever start the movie Hanna with the intention of only watching half of it. You will be sorry.
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You know what is a terrible idea on a day when you plan to get things done? Go looking for J2 recs for someone. I now have like fifteen tabs open of things that I've either never read but now want to, or old favorites that I want to read again.

And especially don't look for things on [ profile] j2_recs, because you may never get out again.
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[ profile] ever_neutral asked for: you/shipping! Are you a big shipper/multi-shipper, how does shipper fandom delight/frustrate you, has the way you ship things changed, etc.

This topic feels like it requires a few thousand words to do it justice, and I don't even know what most of those words would be. Nonetheless, off we go.

I have never had a lot of ships I feel strongly enough about to write about and read fanfic for. In fact, in terms of ships about which I am actively fannish, the list is pretty much Spike/Buffy, Faith/Giles, Meg/Castiel, Sam/Amelia, Gen/Jared, Jared/Jensen, Psylocke/Fantomex and Psylocke/Fantomex/Cluster (from X-men/Uncanny X-Force). If we also talk about fandoms I don't actively participate in, we could add Mary/Lavinia from Downton Abbey, and... I'm sure there are a couple more, but I can't think of them. Basically, it's a special ship that gets and keeps my attention after the first memory of the canon starts to fade.

I don't know that those ships listed have much in the way of common features, either. The one big one would be that most of these ships are ships that I want to work and believe would work despite major reasons why they shouldn't. A vampire in love with the Slayer, an angel who's kind of bad sweet on a demon who's kind of good, the gloriously damaged mess that is Sam/Amelia, streetwise Faith and tweedy Giles (all the better a match for having had a rebellious punk phase himself) - none of those are easy or obvious pairings, and fic that assumes they are easy does nothing to satisfy my shipping itch. What I want are ships that are hard, that might potentially clash for reasons of personality, ethics, or just age differences, but which nonetheless are shown by canon or fic to be sustainable, even joyous relationships for the people involved. There is, to me, so much hope in that; it's part of my personal need to see things built up, rather than be torn down, although of course the former is so much harder than the latter.

(The flipside is that most of my major ships have the potential for disastrous ruin, but needless to say I find fic that goes that route to be much less satisfying. :D)

The oddballs here are the RPF ships. Jared/Gen and Jared/Jensen are like relationships between paper dolls: I expect each character to maintain certain basic characteristics from one fic to the next, but beyond that it's just faces, and sometimes not even those. IDK; RPF shipping, especially the way I do it with the werebears and the space AUs, is a peculiar and inexplicable thing.

All of that isn't to say that I don't read and even write fic involving lots and lots of other ships. SPN fandom in particular has turned me into much more of a multishipper, because all the FPF pairings I like are rarepairs and have precious little fic about them. Therefore I have personally written Sam/Jo, Sam/Amy the kitsune, Sam/Tamara, Sam/Jess, Dean/Ellen, Jo/Ruby, Ellen/Rufus, and surely some others I'm not thinking of, and I've read tons more. Presently I find myself with a weakness for Kevin slash ships, which I suspect is all [ profile] downjune's fault, and I am always prepared to ship Castiel/ladies. I don't hold nearly as tightly to any of these ships as I do those listed up above, but I enjoy dabbling and thinking about the what-ifs. It's fun; it's play. Every so often I even write myself into shipping something new.

*scratches head* I think that's all I've got, re: shipping. So there you have it.
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* [ profile] beccatoria has posted a pretty comprehensive timeline of how this recent scandal developed. Very well documented, in case you somehow found weeks-old back-and-forths on Twitter too hard to follow. Kudos to her.

* The discourse on this in the places I frequent has been much less terrible than I expected it to be, where "places I frequent" means the CBR boards and "much less terrible" means "still plenty of apologists and concern trolls, but they keep getting smacked down by other less terrible people." I hear that this ratio of terrible to not-terrible is not so low everywhere, however.
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It's that time of year again when a young(ish) fan's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love statistics. Theoretically I would do this at the end of the year, but honestly who has time to crunch numbers around the holidays? So, have some tables here in early November.

This year I stopped crossposting everything to LJ if it appeared in an event elsewhere first. The first table below is of fics that I posted to both LJ and AO3, because the main point I wanted to make was that these days traffic on AO3 surpasses traffic on LJ in every single case, due to both the declining activity on LJ and the increasing activity on AO3. Honestly, the LJ hit rate on most of those fics makes me pretty sad. The Russians will pry my LJ from my cold dead hands. *wibble*

The second table has data for fics that were posted either to AO3 only or to AO3 and another LJ comm, ie, spn_summergen and spnspringfling. (The "LJ response" column there is for comments made to my LJ announcement posts, although the fic itself wasn't posted to LJ.) This data and the AO3 fb/hit ratio in particular seems to indicate that people are much likelier to turn out and comment on things for fests and events than on something that was posted cold. Then again, only half the events for which those fics were written were actually on AO3, so who knows. NOT ENOUGH DATA. Always not enough data.

It's also worth noting, though, that the commenting rate on those fics posted only to AO3 was better than my median LJ commenting rate. So that's interesting. I don't notice any trends on either platform regarding particular fandoms or pairings, other than the oft-acknowledged fact that fic tagged with popular tropes and/or kinks does really well on AO3.

tables )
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You know what would be great? If authors specified what particular runs of comics they were drawing from when writing a particular fic. I'd be totally up for hunting down a dozen or two issues of something I hadn't tried yet if I had promise of good fic at the end. There's this X-men WIP on AO3 that looks really interesting, but I've only even heard of half of the characters involved.

I mean, I could ask. But it'd be nice if that was a standard thing. When you're dealing with characters with 40+ years of backstory, just listing the character name is only moderately helpful. It'd be like if someone wrote Doctor Who fic and didn't specify which doctor.


Aug. 20th, 2013 11:16 am
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1. Recently I have picked and helped can green beans and also cut up lots of peaches. It's one of the things I enjoy when visiting home at this time of year. I like food processing in moderation, and I get just about enough before I have to leave again.

2. I've had fics nominated through a couple of different awards thingies recently - specifically the Sunnydale Memorial Awards and [ profile] wicked_awards. Both are Buffyverse-based awards, although the latter allows for a number of other fandoms as well. As far as I can tell, awards were never a thing in SPN fandom proper, were they? I've never seen them, anyway. Meanwhile, bangs never caught on in Buffy fandom. Interesting how each fandom ends up organizing itself.

Anyway, getting nominated is always pleasant. I'm a bit bemused by the concept of "winning" one of these, since it comes down to either judge preferences or a popularity contest, but I do like that nominations function as a kind of reccing system - writers and artists get a little more exposure, readers get new things to read and look at. Everybody wins. :D

(And while most of the noms are for Tea Parties, which apparently is my winner for the year, Respite also got nominated, which pleases me very much. I think my little Dean/Ellen fic that could never did quite find its audience.)

3. Apparently all Ultimates titles are getting cancelled in November and getting replaced with... mini-series? It is not clear to me. Oh, well, I guess that saves me worrying about looking into that end of the Marvel multiverse anytime soon.

Also Captain Marvel isn't listed in the November solicits, which wouldn't necessarily be worrying, because sometimes this is because a book is running behind (see: Hawkeye), but OTOH sometimes it means the title is canceled without notice (see: Journey into Mystery). And I haven't even gotten to Captain Marvel yet! It can't be canceled! Also it's the only remaining female solo title.

EDIT: CM author Kelly Sue Deconnick seems confident that the book is not canceled. So yay for that.

4. I got my [ profile] rarecharacters assignment. It's going to be a new canon, which is always a bit daunting, but it's only 1k, right? Right. /firm

5. I continue to make progress on Summergen. I'm barely a month behind now! I wonder when fics will finish posting and reveals will happen. I'd like to get as far as I can by then - it's always more fun reading and commenting anon, IMO. Exchanges with anon periods are my absolute favorite.

6. I think I shall try to post every day in October. Similar efforts by several people on my flist have inspired me. August and September were never going to work, though - too much travel.
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Courtesy of [personal profile] ruuger. I can never resist a meme with statistics in it.

Account created: late 2009 (I backdated my old fics, so I don't know the exact date when I joined)
Total stories: 117

Total wordcount: 311232
Average wordcount: 2660
Longest story: Seraph at 67k - no surprise there. It still boggles me that I ever wrote something that long.
Shortest story: Supposedly Weightless is 98 words long, but Word definitely told me it was 100. AO3 frequently gives lower word counts than Word does

Total kudos: 1157
Kudos per story: 9.8
Story with most kudos: What Should Really, Really Never Be with 102, because when you write a/b/o crack meta set in the crack meta episode and tag it with mpreg and five different pairings, people read it, it turns out. (For context, my next highest has 52 kudos.)

Total comments: 210
Comments per story: 1.8
Story with most comments: Three Christmases with Miss Honey by a country mile, with 43. Because if you write holiday fluff of a children's nostalgia fandom for Yuletide, people read that, too.

Total author subscriptions: 26
Total story subscriptions: 8
Story with most subscriptions: Thermodynamics and the Modern Male, even though it's a complete fic. It's part of a series, though; I suspect people must have subscribed to it hoping to get notifs of other works in the series. Bummer for them. The only actual WIP I have on AO3, the Faith/Giles snowpocalypse one, has no subscribers.

Total bookmarks: 213
Story with most bookmarks: Three Christmases with Miss Honey again, with 33.

Stories with no comments or kudos: Lots, basically all Buffy drabbles. The two that break that pattern are Abandon Hope (the Mary Quite Contrary remix), which is my Dru character study in drabbles; and the aforementioned Faith/Giles snowpocalypse WIP. (To be fair, I very much doubt at this point that I'll finish that one. It's too bad; I've always really liked what I had.)
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I was looking through my old recs for someone looking for het curtainfic, and discovered, rather to my surprise, that it's a category of fic I basically never rec. I read it sometimes - I'm pretty sure I have links stashed in my giant me-locked posts full of links - but apparently I never tell you guys about it.

I think this ties into a realization I've been having repeatedly recently, which is that while I ship primarily het ships, I'm... not a het shipper? Which is to say, just because I ship a lot of het ships doesn't mean I have much interest in Het: The Shipping Phenomenon (except as a phenomenon, because fandom trends and tastes never cease to fascinate me).

and then I go on at length )
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(While individuals are welcome to link this around as they please, I ask that this please not be included in any newsletters or linkdumps. Also, I will probably flock this post in a couple of weeks, or sooner if discussion becomes uncivil.)

This is an anon meme appreciation post. Specifically, it is a post about the two anon memes that I've gotten familiar with, [ profile] fail_fandomanon (pan-fannish) and [ profile] spnanonhaven (SPN-specific), and why I love them.

in defense of anon memes )

things to like about anon memes )
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I'm a little bit boggled at how many names in the springfling sign-ups I recognize. Last year at this time I knew a bare handful of people, mostly from that one friending meme, and now 3/4 of the names on the sign-ups are familiar, even though I haven't directly interacted with a lot of them. And some of them I have and now enjoy very much! Yay fandom. <3

(BTW, it feels like it might be a spammy day. You have been forewarned.)
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I miss the days when my main reading filter had more than 20 posts a day.
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I may write a general State of Snick in the SPN Fandom post tomorrow, but for now I will say this: I haaaate consuming open canons. Hate it. There are upsides, like the fandom being more active, but I'm not convinced (at least today) that they balance out the downsides, which are that I don't like watching things on a week-by-week basis: neither the attention span it requires nor the emotional ups and downs that I'm then left to stew on for weeks or months. Also watching week-by-week is like looking at someone too closely: I can't see their overall features because I'm stuck staring at their pores.
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1. [ profile] stripysockette has written The Longer Hunt, an SPN story about Artemis which does a whole lot of the things I was hoping for from an Artemis story, including giving backstory for the relationships we saw in the ep and also moving her forward as a "goddess of hunters." It is fixit fic, basically, and very exciting. :D

2. At one of my anon memes there's a thread where people are trying to come up with ways to take unfortunate tropes and come up with ways they could be good. You know, tropes like mpreg and a/b/o. >:(
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I am always marvelously tickled to introduce new tags to AO3, and I've had a run of them recently. I'm putting them all here for safekeeping.

New Fandom Tags
Railsea - China Mieville (FIRST IN THE FANDOM. As of now, still the only fic in the fandom. Presumably next Yuletide will produce some more)

New Character Tags
Abacat Naphi (Railsea)
Abaddon (Supernatural) (I was surprised! Seriously, I'm the first person to write fic about Abaddon?)

New Pairing Tags
Tamara (Supernatura) / Sam Winchester
Ellen Harvelle / Rufus Turner

What about you all? Tags on AO3 that you are personally responsible for?
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I'm sort of Dean/Cas-adjacent in that a lot of my first SPN friends - from before I even got into the fandom - shipped it, and also I read a fair amount of fic, because the AU stuff is often full of tropey goodness. But try as I might, I don't care about them in a romantic sense. This season has given me a lot feelings about their canonical relationship, but even then, I'm much more interested in it as a non-romantic one. Adding sex and romance subtract interest for me.

But. It turns out I can totally ship prickly/sexy/fond/unsentimental/bitey Cas/Meg. (Yes. Definitely bitey.) And I can ship casual/fun/experimental Cas/Jo where he's uptight but curious and she's totally willing to show the hot, amusing weirdo the ropes - or just introduce him to cheesy 80s movies. Whichever.

They're neither of them epic, stop the presses ships; they're more about, ah, ships passing in the night and deriving some mutual satisfaction in the encounter. The types of satisfaction vary a little between the ships, but the basic idea's the same. Also there's an element of experienced!lady/inexperienced!guy about each of them, which I like.

Conclusion: I need ladies in my ships. News at 11.

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Jan. 7th, 2013 04:16 pm
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1. Given that I claim not to be invested in the lives of celebrities and also have only a passing interest in babies, I am disproportionately pleased that Jensen and Danneel are having one.

2. It is a measure of my feelings regarding B5 that I sat down to watch more today, only to realize that I watched three episodes the other night, rather than four. It felt like four, okay?

Speaking of, I now recall that I found Dr. Stephen Franklin a self-righteous boor. And what man of science calls it "cutting corners" or "taking shortcuts" to look for alien technology instead of reinventing it from scratch?

I couldn't finish 1.04 to the very end; the conversation between Franklin and his friend Vance was just too much. (Surprisingly, Sinclair's big speech five minutes prior wasn't too much, even though it was so awful that I was hiding my face in my hands part of the time.)

3. Now is probably a good time to reiterate my feelings about spoilers, which are: Tell me noooothing. I don't know want to know if such-and-such character comes back, I don't want to be told what the juggernaut pairing is (true fact: when I watched BtVS the first time, I had NO IDEA that Spike/Buffy was canon), I probably don't even want to know if it gets better or not. (If I do want to know, I'll ask.)

Just assume I am a delicate flower when it comes to spoilers, and all will be well. :D
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I'm going to write a fic-specific round-up once Yuletide's revealed, but in the meantime, here's a summary of the rest of my fannish activity this year.

a numbered list, with commentary )
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* I suddenly feel I need an icon with a picture of a steaming mug of something, with the caption "Can't you see this tea belongs with me."

* I haven't really mentioned it around here, but [ profile] gryfndor_godess is coming to visit me! Right after Christmas!!!!! There will be SPN (because she seriously planned this cross-country venture so we could watch LOTS OF TV together) and maybe the VMars pilot and possibly Ten Inch Hero if we have time and maybe also some touristing and stuff. \o/ \o/ \o/ (This means I have to, like, clean things. /o\)

* Am reading China Mieville's Railsea. Have been reading it for over a month, actually. I enjoy the worldbuilding - even though I fundamentally don't buy it, which isn't a problem I've ever had with him before - but have to read it peeking through my fingers, worried for what scrape that our naive, hapless protagonist is going to get himself into next.

* Due to an inability to deal with suspense right now, I have yet to watch the last two episodes of Leverage S1, which I gather have moderately higher stakes than usual. They're sitting there, waiting for me.

* Posts I want to write: a Hogfather miniseries post, that end-of-the-year TV meme, my annual writing roundup, and possibly a more general post of "this is what happened this year" (because off the top of my head, I don't really remember). Also I owe [ profile] spnroundtable a recs post. Perhaps I shall finish reading the things I wanted to read from [ profile] spn_reversebang and then draw recs from that.

* I think I am mostly bored of Tumblr. I only need to see so many graphics and gif sets, even of my beloved SPN ladies. (If anyone has any fannish blogs they like, either SPN-specific or more multi-fandom, that have a broader range of content than "Pretty pictures yay!", I welcome suggestions.)

* I want an SPN/SPN RPF "tropey ladies" fest for het and gen and femslash, where there's lots of arranged marriages and running away from mad scientists and AMTDI plots that hinge on hijacking the spaceship afterwards. Or multi-fandom would be fine! There was a fair bit of it back in Spuffydom, and I miss it. (Admittedly, most of it in Spuffydom was very bad). I'm reading through the plot summaries for the [ profile] deancas_xmas, and it's not like I don't read D/C when I'm bored, but I want these silly tropey plots with women. (And also, ideally, without awful awful genderfail. Also I want a pony.)
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1. RBB POSTED. Have spent the last day and a half catching up with all those important things in life, like Tumblr. Also my inbox is almost completely cleaned out, YAY. I still owe a few people replies, though, as well as some Halloween treats. /o\

2. That is the last time I post a big bang fic to LJ, where all the LJ pages link to other LJ pages and all the DW pages link to other DW pages and like that. I'm done. Next time, I'll put a masterpost on LJ where people can comment if they just really prefer commenting on LJ, and I'll post the whole shebang on AO3 and call it good. Because let's be honest, 98% of the time I'd rather read on AO3 anyway, and my Google Analytics suggest that that's true of a lot of other people as well.

3. This ART, you guys. It's [personal profile] gnatkip's art from RBB, and it's one of my very favorite pieces this round. If there were a print, I would buy it. You can see the original all in one piece here.
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I'm amused by what a multi-shipper SPN has made me. In Buffydom, I mostly cared about Spuffy and Faith/Giles. I read tons of genfic and occasional rare pairings when I could get them - Giles/Anya, Wes/Illyria, Angel/Darla, Spike/Dru - but I wasn't invested. In terms of writing, the vast majority of what I wrote was gen, and when I shipped, I shipped Spuffy.

Not so SPN fandom, apparently! Because nothing I ship in this fandom comes even close to an OTP for me. (I was trying to think of a ship I could get a team around for that rare ship competition thingy, and the best I could come up with was, "Jo/Castiel? Because Jo's awesome and Cas is an angel and there's gotta be some fun to be had there.")

In fact, I'm pretty happy reading all sorts of weird things, most of them mutually exclusive. I ship Sam with practically everyone. Ditto Jo. (Except for Jo/Dean. They're my Spike/Dawn in this fandom: they're adorable together, and I can't ship them.) Dean I tend to be pickier about, but that doesn't mean I can't be (and haven't been) sold on such peculiar ideas as Dean/Ellen and Dean/Jess, not to mention the canonical ships like Dean/Lisa and Dean/Cassie. And then, you know, I find myself wistfully thinking of pairings that have nothing to do with any of those people, like Rufus/Ellen.

On the RPF side, I do OTP Jared/Gen like there's no tomorrow, but will also happily read Gen/Misha and Jared/Adrianne and Jensen/Danneel, and then find myself randomly sticking Adrianne/Aldis into my fics.

I think it boils down to this: I mostly need women in my ships, and I need variety. So I'll try pretty much anything in this fandom with a woman in it.
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1. There's an SPN rare ship... thingy happening jointly on Tumblr ([ profile] srs2012) and DW ([community profile] srs2012). By jointly I mean all the information is on Tumblr, but the actual activity is happening on DW. It's a competition with a team for each rare ship that collects enough members. The info post is here, and the latest list of ships with teams is here.

I... don't really understand how it works? You join the team of a ship you're interested in, your team produces a fanwork every so often (usually, as I understand it, by divying up the competitions so each person ends up writing one fic / making one piece of art).

I'm not signing up, because I'm busy and don't want to commit to More New Things, but someone interested in rare ships and braver than me should check it out.


2. So, Tumblr. I have very mixed feelings about Tumblr. On one hand, there's fabulous fanart (for example, what I've saved under this tag.) Also there are gifsets recording silly con interactions (like this one, say, or this one), and I'm pretty much guaranteed nifty graphics or gifsets of the latest episodes best bits (like here, from 8.05). Not to mention the collections of images of people's Twin Peaks tattoos, or a picture of the Log Lady that someone has painted on an actual log.

OTOH, Tumblr does a fabulous job of convincing me that looking up fun things to reblog, and reblogging things already appearing on my dash, is some kind of act that is beneficial to humanity. Which is, you know, just silly. (Much as I enjoy enabling [ profile] gryfndor_godess's Jensen Ackles habit.) I can only be grateful that I'm utterly ignorant of anything to do with graphics, or no doubt I'd be making things by now.

So, hmm. Fun, pretty, basically frivolous. There are a very few LJ people who now post many of their actual thoughts on Tumblr, but beyond that, I can't say my fannish experience is being much enriched. It's just... shinier now.

I do love the fanart, though.
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Number of a/b/o fics I have posted to AO3 this year: five. (It feels like more, but I realized that that's because I have five more in progress.)

Number of a/b/o fics (out of 23 fics total this year) in my AO3 top five list in terms of hits this year: five.

Which is to say that my a/b/o fics are outperforming all my other fics across the board. It doesn't even matter if the a/b/o is just 700 words of a female-centric gen, and let me tell you, that's saying something.

For the curious, in order of hits:
Thermodynamics and the Modern Male
What Should Really, Really Never Be (also has most kudos of any of my fics ever)
Pretend We Can't Tell the Difference (female-centric gen!)
(Don't) Work It, Baby (640 words of schmoopy D/s silliness)
These Spooky Old Woods (the Jo/Sam thingy with all the worldbuilding)
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Which is to say, please oh please don't make any comments here about upcoming episodes or about recent episodes unless you know I've seen them. Like, not even "YAY" or "That sucked" or "But SAM'S HAIR." (Okay, that's a lie. Sam's hair is always fair game.)

Also, fair warning, if you talk spoilery stuff about shows I haven't seen yet and want to, I'll probably use the tag filters to filter out your posts on those shows. Don't worry, I still like you!

In other news, apparently our cable company did some sort of "network enhancement" for which we were supposed to buy new equipment of some kind, which means I am not watching the SPN premiere right now. I'm in the process of rectifying this sad lack of new SPN in my life, but in the meantime I'm kind of just sitting here on the couch wibbling. :(
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In my previous fandom, I was the oddball because I wrote mpreg.

Nowadays, I'm weird because I write het.
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So, I want to talk about recs.

I like reccing things. A lot. Online or IRL, I really love pointing people to things I think they'll like. Also I like championing things that I think ought to be better appreciated than they are. Also also I like organizing data in tidy lists and piles so I and other people can find it again. (It's no wonder I loved working at the library so much.)

What about you? Do you rec things a lot? Why or why not? Do you like seeing other's recs? What features do you find useful in them? What do you wish people would rec more of? How do you feel about being recced yourself - is it weird if you don't really know the person?


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