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Nov. 8th, 2014 10:44 am
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Still working on cleaning out my recs backlog. Here we have recs for TV fic!

Jeeves and the Inferior Valet, or, Thomas and the Kindest Man in England
, by [ profile] Alex51324 - Jeeves & Wooster/Downton Abbey crossover
Thomas Barrow + Jeeves/Wooster, 13k. Recced to the moon and back already, but I shall rec it again, because it is delightful. Wooster rescues Thomas from an unfortunate situation, but of course it's up to Jeeves to actually bring things to rights, which he does, despite how Thomas's utter ineptitude as a valet pains him. The voices are perfect throughout. I laughed out loud multiple times. Highly recommended.

What Is Dark Within Me, Illuminate by [ profile] sprocket - Babylon 5
Timov, 2.6k. I've read almost no B5 fic on account of avoiding spoilers, but someone told me that Timov never returned to the show, so I felt comfortable reading this one. It's set mid-episode and gives us Timov's own perspective and state of mind, and I was immediately fascinated by Timov in the episode, so I enjoyed this a lot.

Keep the Bouquets, Throw Away the Grooms by [ profile] Netgirl_y2k - Game of Thrones
Margaery/Sansa, 2.8k. You guys, it's Margaery/Sansa arranged marriage fic. It is made of sunshine and light and knowingly raised eyebrows. I would read another 40k of it if I could.

Queen in the North by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni - Game of Thrones
Sansa/Brienne, 1.6k. The world is burning, Sansa and Brienne are fleeing north, and they find some unexpected solace in each other. Bittersweet and exactly the right length.

Go Wash Your Heart in the River by [ profile] mardia - Sleepy Hollow
Jenny + Abbie + Crane gen, 13k. A casefic aside in which a woman is murdered and the trio is haunted by crows. This has everything I loved about Sleepy Hollow when I tried to watch it - Crane vs the 20th century, Abbie and Crane's weird but willing relationship, Abbie and Jenny's damaged sibling relationship still in the process of mending, and a gray New England moodiness - and only glancing reference to the stuff I didn't, like the apocalypse plot. Basically if the show were this, I would watch it every week, and as it isn't, I would gladly read tons more fic in this vein. (Recs welcome.) Everyone here feels like a fully-realized person on their own right, with all the complexity that implies, and the Jenny-Abbie part of it in particular gets some lovely nuanced development. Just wonderful.
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Yes, I am finishing the first seasons of all sorts of things today! I started watching B5 again just after I moved, because now I can watch it on a TV within hearing distance of the kitchen, and it turns out this does wonders for me TV-watching habits. Also, as with Due South, I find that I have much more patience for cheesy mid-90s TV than I did two years ago. The acting is still frequently terrible in B5, especially from guest actors, and sometimes the dialogue is still obvious and stiff, but it has exactly the right amount of suspense, and I've grown rather fond of everyone, even Sinclair. I didn't even use the guides several people helpfully provided to me of the must-see S1 episodes; I just watched them all.

more behind the cut, with spoilers )

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Jan. 7th, 2013 04:16 pm
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1. Given that I claim not to be invested in the lives of celebrities and also have only a passing interest in babies, I am disproportionately pleased that Jensen and Danneel are having one.

2. It is a measure of my feelings regarding B5 that I sat down to watch more today, only to realize that I watched three episodes the other night, rather than four. It felt like four, okay?

Speaking of, I now recall that I found Dr. Stephen Franklin a self-righteous boor. And what man of science calls it "cutting corners" or "taking shortcuts" to look for alien technology instead of reinventing it from scratch?

I couldn't finish 1.04 to the very end; the conversation between Franklin and his friend Vance was just too much. (Surprisingly, Sinclair's big speech five minutes prior wasn't too much, even though it was so awful that I was hiding my face in my hands part of the time.)

3. Now is probably a good time to reiterate my feelings about spoilers, which are: Tell me noooothing. I don't know want to know if such-and-such character comes back, I don't want to be told what the juggernaut pairing is (true fact: when I watched BtVS the first time, I had NO IDEA that Spike/Buffy was canon), I probably don't even want to know if it gets better or not. (If I do want to know, I'll ask.)

Just assume I am a delicate flower when it comes to spoilers, and all will be well. :D


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