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I asked [ profile] pocochina for some questions, and she gave me the following. The last one is my favorite, by a mile.

If you'd like me to ask you questions, just comment!

'What's your favorite SPN season?' - spoilers through S4 )

Favorite thing to bake
Um, I don't really bake. I'd rather eat the fruits of others' baking labor. Oh! Pumpkin seeds! Roasted pumpkin seeds are the best. (It counts as baking if it's in the oven, right?)

Two characters each from the Buffyverse, TVD, BSG, and SPN get sent off to a reality show. Who are the unexpected best pals, who's the first one to get called out in a dramatic house meeting, and who have the best regrettable drunken hookup?
Yikes. Okay, my people, selected basically from the set of People I Like Best: Dawn and Buffy (BtVS), Caroline and Damon (TVD), Gauis Baltar and Kara Thrace (BSG), Dean and Ellen (SPN).

Damon and Kara hook up and thoroughly enjoy themselves, up to and including the part where they'd really both rather be with other people (not on the show), because they're masochists that way.

Dean and Kara sleep together once, right at first. Dean's not much for angsting in bed, though, and he's not rough enough for her tastes. They end up being best buds instead; they drink and hold target practice, and she teaches him Pyramid. Sometimes Ellen joins them, for any or all of the above.

Caroline, Dawn, Buffy, and Damon all hang out. Buffy feels a little out-classed at first, because after all back in her pre-Slayer days she basically was Caroline, but Damon's pretty good at smoothing ruffled feathers and soothing egos when he bothers to exert himself. Besides, he'd much rather hang with the ladies than with Dean (too mopey and a little too overtly macho for Damon's taste), Ellen (not hard on the eyes, but the woman's a little bit terrifying), or, good grief, Gaius. At least, he won't hang out with Gaius when people are watching; privately, after they've all had too much booze, Damon finds Gaius freaking hilarious. And Dawn thinks Damon's almost the best thing ever, because he reminds her so much of Spike (who is actually the best thing ever).

Dawn and Damon get called on the carpet for an emergency meeting house meeting called just after midnight about a week in. Gaius is in such hysterics it takes him a good ten minutes to explain what exactly they put between his sheets.
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Frakked Up Beyond All Recognition, by [ profile] thistlerose. Because who knows what kind of other experiments the Cylons are running.

Oh, hey! Now I can read ALL THE HELO/ATHENA FIC. And any other fic people might feel inclined to point me to. What should I read? Pointers to past recs posts you've made would be nifty, too.
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I have just posted the EPIC BSG poll of EPICNESS here.
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Grab your gun and bring in the cat )

On the series as a whole: I advise interested parties to watch through 2.12, because those first twenty-five episodes (plus miniseries) are thoroughly enjoyable television. I might throw in Razor for good measure.

That's it. Yep.

I think there might be a Big Huge BSG Poll coming up soon.

Onward to Caprica?
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1. Watched all the remaining BSG except for the three-part finale. I have to say, there's not a single aspect of this show that I care about right now. (Except, epiphany: Mark Sheppard is actually pretty hot. How did I never notice this before?)

2. Reworked the entire fic index again, for the second and hopefully last time in recent memory.

These two feats were both accomplished concurrently.
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Clearly, Romo Lampkin is Crowley. Clearly. Trial lawyering is very closely related to sales, yes?


Jul. 25th, 2011 05:20 pm
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Hello out there? The internet's a lonely place today, what with LJ being weird and all.

I'm watching some more BSG - "The Road Less Travelled" / "Faith" right now. I can type at the same time because this show doesn't need my full attention anymore.

quick thoughts )

Talk to me, O flist. Que pasa?
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'Tis a meme. 'Tis a self-advertising meme, because we haven't had one of those go around for a while.

Talk about five of your favorite fics you've written, based on a category of your choosing: favorite fics for a certain ship, fics with your five favorite lines, fics set in a certain season, fics featuring a kumquat - anything you like! Just so long as you choose a category with five fics in it and you tell us why you like them.

Drabbles! I love drabbles. )

Now, go forth and talk about your fics! Or else I'll feel awfully self-conscious...
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I've hit a lull with BSG, but I still really want to finish it. I may not care about hardly any of the characters anymore (except Helo/Athena, whose development seems to be over), but I still want to know the deal with the Cylons, and I want to see if the ending is disappointing as everyone says it is.

However, I need some help getting motivated, which is where you come in. It is time to tell me what really happens in the last season and a half. Does the Galactica stumble across a small Firefly-class scavenger, with a crew that tells them mournfully of Earth-That-Was? Do Adama and Roslin ditch this sorry mess and go back to New Caprica to build that cabin? Does Tom Zarek become the savior of the human race? Does (unlikeliest of all) Gaius Baltar grow a backbone?

Notice that you don't need to have actually seen the show to tell me The True Story.

For your reference, this is where I am and what I know: )
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And I thought Black Market was bad )

Yanno, "Downloaded" was excellent, and there's been some other interesting stuff with the Cylons and the base star, but overall I haven't been really excited about this show since we got back from Kobol. It's just dragging. If I were watching this on my own, I'd probably take an indefinite hiatus right about here and never come back.
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A funny story goes with this episode. Back when the show was airing, I'd been hearing good things for a while, and finally I said, fine, I'll try it. So I watched the next episode that aired, which was... this one.

Is it any wonder it took me this long to try the show again?

Cut for discussion of some of the grimmest television I have ever seen )
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In the BSG universe, do dirty-minded junior highers giggle every time the teacher talks about fractions?
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In which I have Many Thoughts about the end of BSG S2 )

Generally, these were much more interesting than the last couple of batches. Plot! Cylons! Character development! Can't wait to start S3 tomorrow.
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Tonight NuRoommate and I finished up the finale of BSG season 2.0 (and what on earth is up with this numbering system? 10-episode seasons? Half-seasons in between? What?).

Let me put it this way )
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Barring some major character assassination, I will asking you for Boomer/Helo recs the instant I get done with this show. Just so y'all are aware.
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The reason Gaius is named Gaius is because of the way Tricia Helfer's lips look when she says it.
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In which I am predictable, and other occurrences.

cut for any flisters who haven't seen BSG yet either )

Last, non-spoilery thing: One of the elements of this show that most intrigues me is that its universe is apparently not operating on a purely naturalistic basis. Laura Roslin appears to be having actual, accurate visions, as predicted by prophetic scripture. This is totally counter to basically all SF I have ever encountered; generally, naturalism is one of SF's founding premises and one of its key differences from fantasy. Fantasy has gods and magic; SF has ascended beings and far-future technology. Fantasy has prophecy, and SF has precognition. The difference is often not in the furniture, precisely, but in the attitudes towards it: however supernatural something is, in SF, there is always a rational explanation buried back there somewhere. This difference in treatment is why Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun is considered SF despite swordplay and giants and legends, and it's why the eventual discovery of spaceships on McCaffrey's Pern is so jarring. The fact that BSG is apparently defying this convention is very interesting indeed; I very much look forward to seeing where they go with it.
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NuRoommate has finally sat me down and made me start BSG. To my surprise, I'm mostly enjoying it so far. I get a little bored with the politics and somewhat eye-rolley with the carefully calibrated Ethical Dilemmas (tm), but there's a fair number of characters I'm enjoying.

For example: Laura Roslin (expected that). Her assistant Billy (he's so cute and earnest and fumbly!). Commander Adama (hey, it's EJO playing the grizzled old man in charge; it was inevitable). Helo (I never quite managed to dislike him even when he was Ballard, and now he requires no conflicted feelings of me). Dee (competent and cute as a bug's ear).

And like the title says: dude. Starbuck. Nothing I'd heard about her led me to believe I'd like her, but I think she's my favorite, and I think it's mostly due to Katee Sackhoff. That's some casting, right there. She's perfect.

Starbuck has, shall we say, a very strong personality. Like garlic. She's brash, rough and tops at what she does, and she frequently pwns all comers, and she does it with a grin unfashionably wide and a swagger that's anything but girly. And I like it.

In the "eh," "don't care," and "don't make me roll my eyes at you" column: Lee (very pretty, but can he get any more cliched angsty heroboy?), Gaius (BIG EYEROLL HERE - for as self-centered a slimeball as he is, his instinct for self-preservation is dismal; he doesn't even see most of the threats without being told), the Boomer on BSG (lost sympathy when it became clear the most important thing to Boomer was Boomer).

Last thought: I want to know way more about the Cylons than the show is willing to tell me yet. They have a god? How did that happen? Why are they monotheistic when humanity is polytheistic? What other cool cyborg Cylons are roaming the universe? (I want fic of a Cylon ship now, BTW.) There's all this goshwow SF stuff going on here, and we're busy playing internal politics. MOAR SF, PLZ.


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