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Perhaps we are over the worst of it? My throat feels better, and I can breathe pretty okay.

I spent most of this evening eating popcorn, updating my fic masterlist (for the first time in eight months), and watching Due South, which I own the second season of solely because it was $4 at the grocery store. No, really. I tried the first season a couple of years ago and couldn't get into it, but this second season was exactly what was needed on a sick day: tropey and a little bit plotty but never actually tense. And I mean, in the season opener we are stranded in the wilderness and one of us is blind; in the next ep we get locked in a bank vault; in the third ep we get ourselves arrested - both of us independently - so we can go to prison and investigate a witness whose testimony changed. It's hard to beat the classics.

I also watched another ep of Sleepy Hollow, which makes three total. The cast is delightful in every way, as Tumblr promised me. Unfortunately the plots are so very silly, folks. I suffered through several seasons of SPN butchering the biblical apocalypse and several more of aftermath, and only because I already had three seasons worth of emotional investment in the show. I don't know that I'm willing to do it again, especially when the show is so silly in all its other plotting, too. Seriously, there's a Revolution-era ammunition storage tunnel between the police station and the armory, which apparently no one knew about because 200-year-old ammunition was still stacked in a corner (talk about fire hazard), and yet this tunnel has a metal grate walkway? Really, show?

I also went to the library and brought back many books - in particular some more Gail Simone things, the first two volumes of Morning Glories, and the first volume of China Mieville's Dial H. Will report back.


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