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I will willingly read funny fic about any fandom that I'm even remotely familiar with, but I have to luuurv a fandom in a certain way in order to want to read epics or serious longfics or character studies or especially angst. For reasons I can't articulate yet, I luuurv the Buffyverse that way. I've seen all the canon (almost - one of these days I'll finish Ats S4 and those last two eps of S5) and I own a lot of it, and I'm pretty open to fics of all kinds in it. I have a few squicks (Conner, most Buffy/Angel) and a few things I'm Just Not Interested In, in any fandom (slash, PWP), but otherwise I'll try just about anything.

On the other hand, I don't like House this way. I'm up for reading just about any cracky House crossover ever, with any fandom I know, but I have just about no interest in reading actual serious fic about the characters. I've seen most of season 1-4, I adore Hugh Laurie as the character, I love the sniping and Wilson and Cuddy, and yet.

Maybe some of it is that I prefer to know the canon really well before digging into the fic? I don't think I've ever put as much thought into any canon as I have about Buffy since I discovered it. Part of what I love about fic is the in-jokes and allusions and casual use of backstory, and I just can't appreciate that without a deep familiarity with the canon. Also, I prefer to have some of my own opinions before letting fic shape them for me, which, again, requires a lot of dedication to canon and a lot of thinky time spent on it.

I need a thinky thots Buffyverse icon.


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