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I got goodies for Christmas!

* Pacific Rim - As pretty as I remember; I grinned through the entire opening sequence, again.

* Dragon Hunters - oddball little animated movie that I'm thinking about requesting for YT and will also be foisting upon everyone within range (fair warning).

* Leverage S2 and S3 - okay, something terrible has happened since I last watched this show, because I'm finding Eliot pretty appealing now, despite the terrible hair. Has he been getting more character stuff to do in S2, maybe? IDK, right now my feelings are all Eliot feelings. (Look at me! I'm watching TV again! Two different shows in one week!)
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* I suddenly feel I need an icon with a picture of a steaming mug of something, with the caption "Can't you see this tea belongs with me."

* I haven't really mentioned it around here, but [ profile] gryfndor_godess is coming to visit me! Right after Christmas!!!!! There will be SPN (because she seriously planned this cross-country venture so we could watch LOTS OF TV together) and maybe the VMars pilot and possibly Ten Inch Hero if we have time and maybe also some touristing and stuff. \o/ \o/ \o/ (This means I have to, like, clean things. /o\)

* Am reading China Mieville's Railsea. Have been reading it for over a month, actually. I enjoy the worldbuilding - even though I fundamentally don't buy it, which isn't a problem I've ever had with him before - but have to read it peeking through my fingers, worried for what scrape that our naive, hapless protagonist is going to get himself into next.

* Due to an inability to deal with suspense right now, I have yet to watch the last two episodes of Leverage S1, which I gather have moderately higher stakes than usual. They're sitting there, waiting for me.

* Posts I want to write: a Hogfather miniseries post, that end-of-the-year TV meme, my annual writing roundup, and possibly a more general post of "this is what happened this year" (because off the top of my head, I don't really remember). Also I owe [ profile] spnroundtable a recs post. Perhaps I shall finish reading the things I wanted to read from [ profile] spn_reversebang and then draw recs from that.

* I think I am mostly bored of Tumblr. I only need to see so many graphics and gif sets, even of my beloved SPN ladies. (If anyone has any fannish blogs they like, either SPN-specific or more multi-fandom, that have a broader range of content than "Pretty pictures yay!", I welcome suggestions.)

* I want an SPN/SPN RPF "tropey ladies" fest for het and gen and femslash, where there's lots of arranged marriages and running away from mad scientists and AMTDI plots that hinge on hijacking the spaceship afterwards. Or multi-fandom would be fine! There was a fair bit of it back in Spuffydom, and I miss it. (Admittedly, most of it in Spuffydom was very bad). I'm reading through the plot summaries for the [ profile] deancas_xmas, and it's not like I don't read D/C when I'm bored, but I want these silly tropey plots with women. (And also, ideally, without awful awful genderfail. Also I want a pony.)
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I bought the first season of Leverage while it was $13 on Amazon, because it sounded silly and fun and it wasn't streaming on Netflix.

It is indeed a very silly show. I'm not sure how they're going to maintain my interest, because it isn't as though the plots make any sense, nor are they terribly clever. (Well. Mostly I'm just really unexcited about the last one I watched, the mob wedding one.)

But you guys, HARDISON. <3 <3 <3 He gets all the best lines. I came in expecting to love Parker, too, and while she is very cute, I don't think I'm quite to the love stage yet.

And Christian Kane, dude, he bulked up. Tbh, I don't think he's nearly as cute as he was back on Angel? And he's been taking voice lessons from Dean Winchester; he's all low and gravelly now. However, the martial arts expert who has heart-to-hearts and doesn't like guns is a type I can live with.

I like Sophie fine when she's not drooling over, um, our main guy for no apparent reason. I was okay with his blatant fangirling in the pilot, but since then it seems to be all one-sided, and I am not amused.

I can't even remember our main guy's name right now, which should tell you all you need to know about my feelings. I just, I don't care, you guys. I gather I'm supposed to be impressed because the actor was a one-time Oscar winner, but I don't.

No one's real deep yet. I can definitely see myself for falling for most of these guys if they pick up some complexity (other than the complexity inherent in a bunch of really nice thieves). In the meantime, I'll keep watching Hardison.

So, I'm having fun, which is really all I expected. So.


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