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A meme is going around in which one talks about one's past Yuletide fics. I haven't done Yuletide the last couple of years because I realized I find learning to write new canons under pressure stressful, especially as a gift for another person. I miss the fun of the Yuletide archive opening, though.

Anyway, here are my fics written for Yuletides past. Perhaps I will do another one on gifts I've received, since I've received some lovely ones and would like to think people are still reading them.

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It is 2011 on the East Coast, which means Yuleauthors have been revealed, and I can now fess up to writing A Little Shadow That Goes In and Out With Me, for Raines.

Raines was a 2007 show about Michael Raines (Jeff Goldblum), a homicide detective in LA who, due to trauma on the job, starts hallucinating the victims of the murders he's investigating. It's Jeff Goldblum at his Jeff Goldblumiest, equal parts pathos and sharp-edged wit, and it's got the kind of intricate structural set-up that always gets me drooling. Because these hallucinations, they're all him: external images of not only his murder-solving process but his psyche. Cue character exploration like whoa. It could have been brilliant, given some time and the right writers, but it was canceled after only seven episodes - all of which are on Hulu.

Am I pimping this show just a little? You betcha. I hadn't actually seen most of it before I got my assignment (second time in three Yuletides that's happened - it's always the fandom I don't know yet!), but I think I'm a fan now. It's going on the list for Yuletide 2011 possibilities.

Anyway, the fic is as near to casefic or "just like the episode" fic that I've ever written; it's from the POV of Raines' hallucination of a 12-year-old murdered girl name Cherish. In second person. And present tense. It's one of the weirdest POV tricks I've ever tried, basically. But lots of fun to write. :)


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