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Jun. 10th, 2012 05:34 pm
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For a while now I've been casting about for a new show to care about. See the list:

* I've pretty much given up on Farscape, even as background noise; I'm just so horribly bored. (I got as far as 1.17, Through the Looking Glass.)

* I have a list of must-see Damon/Elena TVD eps (courtesy [ profile] ever_neutral and [ profile] upupa_epops), but I haven't gotten to it yet.

* For Reasons, I tried Teen Wolf, about a high school kid who gets bitten and has to deal. I found the protagonist cute but dull and the angsty Angel 2.0 adult werewolf exceedingly broody, but protagonist's BFF, Stiles, is pretty much the most adorable thing EVAR. I want to cuddle him for always. If I pick up the show again, it will be solely for him.

* I watched the pilot of Wildfire - ABC Family show about a girl fresh out of juvie working on a horse racing farm - solely for the purpose of looking at Genevieve Cortese's face. Apparently I am a fangirl now. I wanted the protag's two would-be suitors to both die in a fire, but mostly I enjoyed everyone else. The writing was flabby, though. Does anyone know if it gets better? I assume not, since I didn't know the show existed until Netflix recommended it to me, but if people told me it was watchable I might try it again.

All of this is prelude to: I started Mad Men, and you guys, I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with this one. YOU GUYS. I'll have more to say soon.
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Nothing is So Lost by [ profile] websandwhiskers - Damon/Elena, AU from mid-S2

Y'all are always sad that there's no good Damon/Elena fic, but I suspect you guys would like this one. Nifty Elena-centric piece with good Damon voice.
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1. Two goals this month: [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang (current progress 11.2k / 20k minimum) and [ profile] rarewomen (currently 0/1k minimum, but I know what I'll be writing).

2. Have begun watching Goong, on [ profile] penny_lane_42's recommendation. Stars Yoon Eun Hye, who also starred in Coffee Prince. This time she's a high school girl and a commoner who's chosen to marry the crown prince of the Korean constitutional monarchy. So far the admittedly cracky premise is being given a much crackier treatment than Coffee Prince. The characters are more slapstick and over the top, unlike in Coffee Prince, whose basic mistaken identity premise was totally sold by the sheer heart in the writing and the acting.

Ugh, I lack the terms to make a useful comparison. As I told Lauren, the difference between Goong and Coffee Prince is like the difference between an author who thinks mpreg is hilarious and one who's genuinely interested in the issues that come out of the premise.

All that said, I don't hate Goong; I just don't love it yet. Lauren has promised me a wonderful main ship once things get going, so I shall forge ahead.

3. Have stopped watching TVD. I'm a season and a half in - I just saw 2.09, aka the Katherine Backstory Episode), and I don't hate it. I'm just paralyzed with not caring very much. I'm having trouble articulating why. Maybe it's that I'm fundamentally disinterested in urban fantasy, with the werewolves and the vampires and all? (You laugh, my BtVS peeps, but 'tis true.) Also I'm fundamentally disinterested in teen soaps, which this still has a lot of elements of. And just... I don't know.

I'm not dismissing it for all time; it's possible I'll come back at some point in the future and be all YAY VAMPIRE DIARIES. I had the following conversation with [personal profile] next_to_normal in chat:

Me: I think it might be one of those things where I'm just not in the mood?
Next_to_Normal: you and your MOODS

Heh. Yes.

4. Have been rewatching M*A*S*H off and on, starting with S1. Gah, how is it possible that I hate so many sitcoms and yet I love this one so much? I think it's the underlying gritty realism that saves it for me; I really appreciate the contrast. Plus it's a great stable of actors. I'm particularly fond of Alan Alda, McLean Stevenson, and Gary Burghoff. Also Larry Linville this time around, who's so very perfect as Frank.
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I asked [ profile] pocochina for some questions, and she gave me the following. The last one is my favorite, by a mile.

If you'd like me to ask you questions, just comment!

'What's your favorite SPN season?' - spoilers through S4 )

Favorite thing to bake
Um, I don't really bake. I'd rather eat the fruits of others' baking labor. Oh! Pumpkin seeds! Roasted pumpkin seeds are the best. (It counts as baking if it's in the oven, right?)

Two characters each from the Buffyverse, TVD, BSG, and SPN get sent off to a reality show. Who are the unexpected best pals, who's the first one to get called out in a dramatic house meeting, and who have the best regrettable drunken hookup?
Yikes. Okay, my people, selected basically from the set of People I Like Best: Dawn and Buffy (BtVS), Caroline and Damon (TVD), Gauis Baltar and Kara Thrace (BSG), Dean and Ellen (SPN).

Damon and Kara hook up and thoroughly enjoy themselves, up to and including the part where they'd really both rather be with other people (not on the show), because they're masochists that way.

Dean and Kara sleep together once, right at first. Dean's not much for angsting in bed, though, and he's not rough enough for her tastes. They end up being best buds instead; they drink and hold target practice, and she teaches him Pyramid. Sometimes Ellen joins them, for any or all of the above.

Caroline, Dawn, Buffy, and Damon all hang out. Buffy feels a little out-classed at first, because after all back in her pre-Slayer days she basically was Caroline, but Damon's pretty good at smoothing ruffled feathers and soothing egos when he bothers to exert himself. Besides, he'd much rather hang with the ladies than with Dean (too mopey and a little too overtly macho for Damon's taste), Ellen (not hard on the eyes, but the woman's a little bit terrifying), or, good grief, Gaius. At least, he won't hang out with Gaius when people are watching; privately, after they've all had too much booze, Damon finds Gaius freaking hilarious. And Dawn thinks Damon's almost the best thing ever, because he reminds her so much of Spike (who is actually the best thing ever).

Dawn and Damon get called on the carpet for an emergency meeting house meeting called just after midnight about a week in. Gaius is in such hysterics it takes him a good ten minutes to explain what exactly they put between his sheets.
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1. I figured out Katherine, y'all. It came to me today while I was trying to take a nap. possibly spoilery thing about Katherine )

2. Earlier today I found myself summing up the two juggernaut SPN ships thusly: Dean/Cas is the ship I can see but not feel. Sam/Dean is the ship I feel but can't support.

3. One of the many ways that SPN fandom is different than BtVS fandom is that SPN fandom is much more iddy than BtVS fandom. Originally I was going to say SPN fandom was kinkier, which is true (poor woebegone BtVS kink meme), but that doesn't really cover it. Sure, there's lot of kink on [ profile] spnkink_meme, but there's also a whole lot of "Jared's one of Santa's elves and Jensen is his one true love whom he has to get to kiss him before midnight or else their forever love is DOOOMED."

Okay, actually there's only one of those (AFAIK). However, there's a whole lot of stuff in a similar vein. (Personal favorite thus far, for sheer random: Jared is a werewolf, and Misha is a warlock who knits stuff and sells it on Etsy.)

Meanwhile the h/c comms ([ profile] ohsam and [ profile] hoodie_time) are full of prompts along the lines of, "Sam gets a really bad cold, and Dean brings him soup," or "Dean was diagnosed with asthma while Sam was at Stanford, but hasn't told him," or "Dean's injury in episode X was worse than he realized, and Sam figures it out." And yeah, sometimes there's sex, but a whole of time there's just id.

Maybe BtVS fandom was like this at one point? Maybe it still is, somewhere I'm not reading? I think the fandom's slowed down appreciably since I joined three years ago - I'm positive Spuffydom has - but I also think I have a much narrower view of what's going on in it, because I rarely read outside my flist anymore. Or maybe it tends to be more of a slash phenomenon, regardless of fandom - are there any Spander or Spangel fans out there who can confirm or deny?
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Title: I'm Gonna Take Care of You
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters: Vicki Donovan, Matt Donovan
Words / Rating: 600 words / PG-13 for language
Setting: pre-series
Warnings: bullying

This is for [personal profile] next_to_normal, and heavens, it is so late. After I failed miserably to write the fic she originally prompted me for over a year ago, I asked her for another prompt, and she asked for a TVD fic about a sibling pair and the word 'childhood.' For whatever reason, this is the sibling pair that appealed to me (and had the bonus of being mostly in the first season, so I wasn't missing huge important pieces from the TVD eps I haven't seen yet).

The fic was heavily informed by comments [ profile] gryfndor_godess made in one of her TVD reaction posts about how differently Matt and Vicki are portrayed by the show, and why that might be. Good thoughts, hon!

So, Merry Very Belated Christmas, [personal profile] next_to_normal!

'Vicki?' Vicki tucks her chin harder against her knees, and she waits.  )
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I find I haven't had much to say since Thanksgiving. I've been reading a lot (real books!) and finishing up end-of-quarter things for school, and otherwise being quiet.

1. I've watched the last couple of SPN eps, but haven't mustered up the energy to post about them. I have mid-season fatigue, I think. This always happens to me, and is a big reason why I don't usually watch TV as it airs. Waiting week-to-week tires me out.

However, [ profile] feliciakw posted the other day about something Dean-related from the next ep promo that she was excited about. The thing in question was behind a cut. Y'all know me and my zero tolerance policy for spoilers, but I was feeling a little worn out on the show and thought, okay, fine, give me something to be excited about.

And lo! This does make me feel better. I am now enthused, y'all. :D

2. Speaking of being worn out, I watched the 2.02 of The Vampire Diaries last night, and then I said, "This is too much drama. I cannot deal with this much drama." So I went and got started on Avatar: The Last Airbender again instead. (I'm now through 3.05. The next ep is titled "The Avatar and the Fire Lord," which also sounded like too much drama, so that was the end of last night's TV.)

3. Needless to say, I am not caught up on Ringer.
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So, yes. Have made a wee bit of progress over the course of my three-day weekend.

In which there are many BtVS comparisons )
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So yes, I'm going to try TVD. Fear not, I have been warned of the awful awfulness of the first half-season or so; be aware that I might need pep talks partway through.

Anyway, before I started I thought it'd be fun to make a list of stuff I 'know' via osmosis. As usual, please don't correct me if I've got it wrong; half the fun is finding out for myself. :)

Beware spoilers, obvs )


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