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Here is some info/squee about things I would like people to watch/read/make for [ profile] love_resolution! A bunch of the text is nabbed from other posts I've made, so if it looks familiar to some of you, that's why.

EDIT: I'm adding one more super big wish right here at the top, and that's if you become or are already familiar with any of the TV/books/comics I mention below, that you post about them on your journal. I have several friends who've already read Seraphina, for example, and I would LOVE to have them write rambly squee or meta or whatever about it, so I can jump in and squee, too. So even if you've already watched/read the thing I'm requesting, you can still totally fulfill one of my wishes!!

Twin Peaks )

Remender's Uncanny X-Force )

Saga )

FF )

Nimona )

China Mieville )

Seraphina, by Rachel Hartman )

The Birthday of the World collection by Le Guin )
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This is relevant to the interests of several people I know: [ profile] damnfinekink. A Twin Peaks kinkmeme! With the most adorable name imaginable! Don't you just want to pet its fuzzy little head? And then go prompt and write Twin Peaks kink? I know you do.

(It's newish, too - it just started last month, so there's still energy bumping around in it.)
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I'm going to write a fic-specific round-up once Yuletide's revealed, but in the meantime, here's a summary of the rest of my fannish activity this year.

a numbered list, with commentary )
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I am this close to finishing a Yuletide treat, which pleases me to no end. I love Yuletide; it's the stress, especially at this time of year, that I don't like so well. But there's no stress associated with treats except what I put on myself.

Plan for next year: I will have finished Twin Peaks (YES REALLY) and will offer it for Yuletide. Also, I've ordered the first two season of B5; perhaps if the series and I get on better this time, I can offer that. I would like to offer that - it's the sort of fandom I'd enjoy writing in, I think.
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1. Have just discovered that Sesame Street did a Twin Peaks segment of Monsterpiece Theater. The mind boggles. (For a taste, here is a gifset excerpt.)

2. Have just posted 100th fic to AO3.
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A person might keep coming back to a show for a lot of reasons: a character, a suspenseful plotline, snappy dialogue. But I wonder if the thing that gets them to sit themselves down and actually watch another episode is sometimes pretty different from all the things they profess to love about the show.

I wonder this mostly because for all its strengths, half the reason I've been going, "Oh, just one more episode of Twin Peaks" is: the opening credits music. It's such a long, delicious welcome into the show. A few notes of that in my head can motivate me even after an episode or two in which nothing much seemed to happen.

And then, you know, the music suckers me into the show itself, and I watch utterly ridiculous things happen, and it's all good. But it's the music that's the hook.
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* This show is SO WEIRD. In all the best ways.

* If I had to pick one character in all of fictiondom to take a leisurely sojourn with Death (Discworld version), it'd be Agent Dale Cooper. They'd be fascinated by all the same sort of things. I'm sure Coop would have Death doing headstands in no time.

* I love the score - just as distinct and idiosyncratic as the rest of the show.

Am through 2.06. Am still trying to pick up all the threads from when I finished S1 a year ago - this is not a show you want to take a long hiatus from. /o\
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I'm through the first couple eps of S2 now. As I was telling [personal profile] lutamira, this show all exists in this one huge tapestry in my head; I can't break it into constituent parts yet. About all I can do right now is flail in its general direction and say, "You guys, this show!"

That said, definitely the character I'm most engaged with presently is Audrey Horne. One one hand, she's a brat, and I don't mean that in a good way. From the moment we meet her she's causing chaos just because she can. She's spectacularly self-centered, and there's just no way I can spin that positively.

But on the other hand, she's definitely charismatic, and I've been in more suspense about her plight at One Eyed Jack's than I have about any of the other storylines. I also appreciate that she does seem to have some sincerity tucked away for special occasions, and that she's not equally a brat to everyone. She and Donna seem to get on fine, for example. And I like that her storyline has only a minor romantic component, that her story is not yet another story of high school drama and romance (as opposed to Donna, even).

So I do want to like her, and yet... such a brat.
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I had no idea what I was getting into with this show or even what it was about. I'd just been hearing about it for a long time, most recently from [personal profile] ghostyouknow. (Hey, now I know where the title of your pie fic came from!) What with the SPN angst and the BSG angst, I needed something different.

Boy, is this different.

Spoilers through the first six episodes )

I can't decide how much of the weirdness of this show is the datedness, how much is simple weirdness, and how much is due to the eerie new age electronica soundtrack. So much of it - the straight drama of a lot of the storylines, the nuts and bolts of the murder investigation - is so mundane, and yet there are enough oddities mixed in to throw the whole thing subtly (or sometimes not so subtly) off-kilter.

In conclusion: SO WEIRD, y'all.

Please, tell me NOTHING. You guys know the drill. I am really truly utterly unspoiled for this entire show.


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